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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I shoulda torn the snowblower a little further apart

before I started ordering parts! I mentioned the other day that I had to order a new friction wheel for the snowblower that Leonard owns and I use to keep our driveways clear. The monster machine wasn't working very well so I downloaded the owners manual and set to making adjustments as dictated by the manual.

That work led to me a multi-stop trip around town on Saturday looking for 2 v-belts which I did find and replace. Then I discovered that the friction wheel was missing much of it's friction material so I ordered that part.

Tonight, in preparation for the wheel that is supposed to arrive tomorrow, I dug a little deeper to make sure the machine would be workable when the wheel is installed.

Not so much... I discovered that another chain sprocket on a different shaft from last year's repairs, is ground just about to 1/2 thei normal thickness! It's toast. Very thin toast! Damm sprocket is only 8 teeth and it isn't made of great quality steel so a little misalignment has ruined the teeth.

I ordered that part tonight. Should be here Friday. I guess I know what I'll be doing Sunday afternoon!

I can't explain it-

but my Microsoft Office software on this computer has gone Tango Uniform overnight. I used it 2 nights ago and last night it wouldn't open. There are files gone missing and I need to reload the entire package apparently.

So here's the question: do I reload the old version of Office I've been using or upgrade to the Office 2007 version with the CD that's sitting here next to my chair? I may have to fix the current installation just so I can remove it properly! Maybe I'll get a chance over the weekend.

[UPDATE, 1 January, 2009: With the help from a Google search and a couple forums, my Office software is working again. Now I don't have to install the 2007 version until I'm good and ready.]

Dublin Indiana hits the big time!

Now this story really hits close to home because Dublin, Indiana, population 697 was my hometown during my formative teenage years. It's also interesting because I learned about the story from a school friend, JoAnne, who sent me the email and said that Dolly Sweet is her mother!

And the story- Little Town Beseeches Obama’s Health Chief tells about Barry's "lead architect" for health care reform in the upcoming administration, coming to our little town to discuss and hear citizen's concerns about healthcare.

I've been in that Fire Station many times; my dad was a volunteer fireman and my mom baked pies with the Ladies Auxillary for the very famous fish fries that occur every Memorial Day weekend, so I was in that building plenty often. I noticed looking at the Dublin website that the single grocery store in town is still there though it's no longer called Doll's for Mr. Doll who ran it when we were kids. I spent many a hot summer afternoon drinking soda with my buddies, after our lawnmowing jobs were finished, under the overhang on the front of that grocery store! I even mowed Mr. Doll's yard occasionally when he couldn't get to it himself.

One last thing, there's a Dr. Joe Fouts quoted in that article. There was a Joe Fouts that went to our church when we lived there. He was a pretty cool guy and even drove me on some dates before I was able to drive. The Joe I knew wasn't a doctor but it is a really small town and lots of things could have happened since I left there. I wonder if it's the same guy!

Now it looks like I need a plumber!

Good Grief! What a pain already. If buying a new transmission for the truck wasn't enough expense, now it seems that I'm going to have to hire a plumber. Damn! With the first sinkful of dishes that I washed when we got home from Oregon it was apparent there is a drain blockage someplace in the line.

I started with some Drano gel since I had standing water, at least when I released a sinkful of water. Last night I bought a new drain snake and snaked the sink drain pipe and I snaked the washing machine discharge pipe. I was unsuccessful removing the washout plug that's probably been in place since the house was built so I couldn't get the snake down that line except from under the sink. I poured crystals down the floor drain and none of that seemed to cause any improvement in the problem.

Tonight- the heaviest duty drain cleaner I can find at Home Depot. If that doesn't fix the problem, I'm going to have to write a check to a plumber...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Well don't I feel like Glenn Reynolds?

Yesterday was my first trip up to Powder Mountain since the snow flew. I went to pick up my employee season pass, intending to start work today. As I was walking out of the ski shop, a woman in a Powder Mountain staff jacket crossed my path and she said hi and then asked, "How's your blog?"

That's never happened to me before!

Thanks for the ego boost Caroline!

And I did NOT get to work today as I still need to pee into a bottle to prove I'm no doper and the place that does the tests won't be open until Monday. So I've torn apart the neighbor's snowblower instead. It has 2 new belts now and I'm ordering the friction wheel that it needs to work properly.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas everyone!

And to a couple of my readers that might celebrate the season differently, Happy Holidays!

It's definitely a white Christmas outside, as there is a huge storm dumping lots of snow on most of Utah today, as in most of the states, according to the news. High winds are predicted and los of drifting almost everywhere. So with the exception of going outside to blow and shovel some snow, I'm staying at home and inside, with the spouse, the pets and a big pot of coffee.

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Home, finally!

The morning started pretty early today with our return preparations. The travel into Portland from Columbia City took an long time as the road was plowed but not cleared very well. There was usually two lanes where you could see the road but there was a lot of loose snow in between the lanes, making travel pretty tricky. It wasn't hazardous but it was pretty slippery the entire route.

The real adventure began when we arrived at Portland International Airport. Southwest Airlines had cancelled numerous flights over the past 2 days, leading to an overabundance of folks hoping to get rescheduled for their flights home. So the check-in line for Southwest wrapped around and around the shopping concourse giving us plenty of time to make friends with our line mates. We stood in line for about 2 1/4 hours before finally checking our bags and heading to security and the loading gate. Since the airplanes leaving were all late in line, ours was late too so we had time enough for a lousy lunch before getting on the plane.

Flying home was no trouble and we arrived before 5 PM. But by the time we claimed our bags, hiked over to the rental car agency, cleared through the youngsters that were trying to punch up their commission by upselling us a bigger car and made it out of the airport, it was late.

The very good news? My next door neighbor had used the snowblower under my carport to clear my driveway! Roger used the blower to clear his drive, mine and the next one over, for the guy that owns the snowblower. That was a huge relief because this little rental car would not have made it into the driveway!

So tomorrow the truck comes home from the repair shop and the dog comes home from the kennel. Then the rental car can go back to the airport and I'll be able to relax for a bit!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Made it out of the house today!

The snow in this part of Oregon took a break today and we were able to actually go into town! The BSU & I went with the sister and her hubby into Wal-Mart and the Safeway for some last minute shopping before returning to their warm abode. I promptly took a nap after our excursion!

But there has been sewing going on and cookies are being stirred right now and it's been as pleasant a day as possible.

Tomorrow is going home day, so cross your fingers for clearing weather. The flight we are scheduled for tomorrow cancelled today, so I'm hoping Southwest has had a chance to catch up. Twenty-six flights had to be cancelled yesterday since Portland's airport couldn't deice jets fast enough to clear the parking spots and all those flights were delayed even arriving. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

The biggest trouble I can see- short of getting home to Utah, is that my driveway at home has been piling up with snow and Leonard's snowblower seems to be busted again. Which means I'm going to have a serious shoveling chore when I get home!

But all the kid's gifts have been ordered and are in the capable hands of the delivery services and all I have to worry about is getting home and hoping my truck is ready for me to take home too.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The snow must be setting some kind of records-

Because the people that live here claim to never have seen so much snow, for so many days, in all their lives, here on the banks of the Columbia River. It has been snowing mostly non-stop since we arrived and when it wasn't snowing, it was freezing rain. The roads in the neighborhood have been taken over by the kids with inner tubes, sleds, toboggans, snow boards and trash can lids for sliding down the street outside the house where we are safely ensconced.

I did go out today to unbury the rental car and make enough path to get it into the portion that has been plowed but I didn't drive it anyplace. I took a walk up the hill behind the house to see the view and the very fancy houses and to watch the chickadees slipping and sliding while they dig for seeds. The birds seem pretty confused by the white crusty stuff and it was a hoot to watch them for a bit.

So here's some pictures- bad ones, snapped with my phone on a grey day, of the scene going on outside the house. As always, click the small pictures to see them full size.
Snowboarding in the streets!
Snowed In in Oregon Dec 2008
Playing in the street!
Sledding on K Street
[UPDATE] The news reports are that this storm has delivered the largest snowfall since 1968 in this part of the contry. There were many airline flights cancelled yesterday but it appears that things will be cleared up by tomorrow for us to travel back to the airport and back home as we planned.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snowed-in in Oregon!

That's right, we are comfortably housebound with the BSU's sister and hubby, in their very luxurious house with a view of the Columbia River, well and truly snowed-in. Our flights yesterday went off with very minor hitches- sorry for all you folks traveling though Vegas, you weren't so lucky, and we arrived at our destination with very little drama.

But the snow has been coming down, the roads are packed or slushy or frozen and the house we are staying in is on a steep hill. So nobody's going anywhere unless they absolutely have to and we don't have to. It looks like board games, reading and drinking are the activities for the weekend. I've already read 70 pages of Jack London's Call of the Wild, in the same Companion Book that I am pretty certain can still be found on my Grandmother's bookshelf. Good fun.

This seems pretty accurate, actually

Cribbed from Cowboy Blob. But I tried this analyzer and it seems right on the money to me.
Typeanalyzer examines Wasted Electrons Try it with your blog at Type Analyzer.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dog's at the kennel-

and the BSU says it's a nice one, so that's a good thing. The truck is ready to go to the transmission shop tomorrow. The BSU's gifts are wrapped and packed and the teddy bear that was a gift from the jeweler was re-gifted to the Toys for Tots bin. I bought a bag of food so the cats won't starve.

Now it will be time to get the luggage packed and decide if I'm taking my laptop.

And my new eyeglasses? They work terrific for everything except reading! I have to move my glasses way down on my nose to be able to read anything! This is going to be completely unsat and when I get home I'll have to see the optical shop for some kind of action. If it gets bad enough I'll install the old lenses back into my frames on my own.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New eyeglass lenses installed-

Last Saturday finally made it into the eye doctor for an exam and I ordered new lenses, because I like the frames I have been wearing for several years. They arrived tonght and I arrived just before the kind lady at the eye center locked up, so she kindly hooked me up with my new lenses. Everything's great but I wish I could read my monitor!

We bought a gift for one of the boys, shopped for the shoes (unsuccessfully) I need and found more toys for the grandbabies. I mailed another package, bought some parts for another gift and figured out how to get home from the airport next Tuesday.

Now I just have to pick up the BSU's gift, if it's finished, tomorrow and find some shoes tomorrow night. No worries, right?

Re: my last post-

The dog needs to go to the vet for fresh immunizations before she can go to the kennel...

Only having one vehicle in the family is getting complicated!

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Counting down the hours

Until we depart for Oregon, that is. The grandkid's packages have been wrapped & shipped. The dog has a kennel reservation, though not at her regular place. Funding for the transmission repairs have been secured. The BSU's gift awaits pickup.

Still left to do- I need a new pair of casual shoes. I need to confirm transportation to and from the airport with Kenny. There's a company luncheon to wrap a gift for and to attend. The BSU still wants to buy more gifts for the boys!

I still need to hack her email for the rental car reservation details to get the car upgraded to something fancy without her being aware...

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's going to be a busy week-

We are leaving for Oregon on Thursday morning. Before we go, I have to make a trip to the UPS store, the jewelry store, arrange some financing for the transmission overhaul, drop the dog off at the kennel for boarding, buy the cat's a new bag of food and figure out how to get the truck dropped off for the repairs while still getting to the airport on time for our flight.

All while working 9 hours and getting to my company's luncheon on time. Easy, right?

The tree's up!

and decorated and lit. It's a mighty pretty one this year. The nativity scene is set out and the Christmas music CDs are loaded into the changer for atmosphere.

There are 3 large boxes packed with wrapped gifts for the grandbabies that will need to be delivered to the UPS store tomorrow.

I've got a dandy, shiny present being specially made for the BSU that should be a big surprise. I hope she likes it!

Christmas is pretty well under control here- except for cookies. We don't have any cookies on the counter. Maybe I can convince he spousal unit to bake up some cookies, then things will be just about perfect.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dear Santa

All I want need for Christmas is a new transmission for my truck...

Yeah, it's getting close to being toast. The transmission has been thunking a little bit at low speeds and I decided it needed to be looked at, so that's what I did this morning. I took it to the transmission shop. There is powdered brass in the pan and the expert tells me that could only come from the torque converter, or more likely, the thrust washers for the output shaft.

There is some good news, Tanner is having a big sale, (see the link above) with prices several hundred dollars off the normal cost and no labor costs. Additionally, since we are going to Oregon for several days next week, it will be the perfect time to have the truck off the road for a few days without me having to rent a car to get to work.

Now I just have to figure out how to put a Christmas bow around the transmission and fit it under the tree!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

In regards to the question I asked last night-

I repeat, why is anyone still living in Illinois? I used to believe that Louisiana had the most corrupt state government but I think Illinois has taken the lead with this latest bit of corruption.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Why would anyone live in chicago?

Really, why would anyone live in a city where the rules can be so completely ignored, trampled upon and misused to ruin a citizen's life is completely beyond my comprehension. Read this incredible tale of a police force running completely outside the boundaries of common decency and written law in the ill treatment caused upon Chris Morley. Chris went through the complex and twisted and expensive procedures required to own and carry an unloaded firearm in the city of Chicago but due to his illness at work and an unauthorized search of his personal belongings he spent 48 hours in jail and a hospital. He was denied food and water and his medications and his family was unaware of his whereabouts for 24 hours.

Chris has had his legally owned firearms confiscated by the state and his ownership permission card revoked. He lost his job, can't find another due to his arrest- no conviction mind you and is being prosecuted for Unlawful Use of Weapons even though he NEVER used his weapon! Hell it wasn't even a weapon, since it was unloaded, he had a badly shaped club in his pack!

Anyway, if you live in Chicago and still believe in the American Dream and the right of citizens to act like adults, pack up and get the hell out of there! Really, pack now and get yourself somewhere west where you can be treated like an adult. If you don't live in Chicago, go read this entire story and be amazed at this misuse and abuse of written law and common decency.

And then join and support their efforts to raise funds for Chris' defense fund. I signed up and I hope you will too!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Rock the Vote!

Go here and tell Yahoo what you think about your citizen's right to protect yourself in a national park.

You know that I think this press release is great news and the right decision.

I did something today that I've never done before...

I stopped and window shopped for brand new
Cadillacs! I even found a CTS in Blue Diamond paint that I really could fall in love with!

It's not gonna happen but it didn't hurt to look and I do really like that car. I've been kinda looking around for an addition to the truck, so that we didn't have to drive it every place we drive, since the truck doesn't get very good mileage and it does have 170,000 miles on it. I'm thinking that I might keep the truck forever if I can get a second vehicle to share the daily travels.

I must be getting old if I'm looking at Cadillacs, right?

Well don't I feel privileged!

I received an email this week from somebody on my bloglist that asked my opinion about which gun to buy for a concealed carry gun! I'll not say who because their decision is their decision and maybe they don't want to share. But I felt really honored that this person would ask me for gun choice advice.

What did I suggest? Well, a 38 Special, 2" barreled revolver from Smith & Wesson, Taurus or Rossi. I recommended that this person not buy a similar 357 Magnum revolver due to the increased size and bulk and weight and to just buy a gun that could be counted upon when it was needed.

I also recommended that this person buy a 22 pistol, either a revolver or semi-automatic simply for the fun of shooting and the pleasure of learning the skill of accurate shooting.

I can't wait to hear how my advice is received by this person!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Funniest commercial lately-

Does anybody else think this birthday commercial from Arby's is as hilarious as I do? It makes me laugh every time I see it.

The BSU doesn't like it quite as much as I do. I wonder why...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I put my Christmas present on layaway today!

Santa is bringing me a John Moses Browning (PBUH) designed, Brazilian manufactured, Taurus PT1911! My scary, black pistol will sitting on the shelf at Impact Guns for a few weeks and coming home in time for me to take advantage of the 75 dollar rebate!

Seventy-five buck rebate? How sweet is that? It was too good a deal to pass up. So me and Santa are in cahoots and I'm getting a nifty new pistol.

Its about time, really. After all, I do have 500 rounds of ammo in an ammo can already and nearly 2000 rounds of brass waiting to be filled up with 230 grain goodness. I really do need something that can shoot up all that ammunition don't I?

I also found a 2nd hand North American Arms Mini-Master that I think I'm going to put on layaway as a little stocking stuffer to myself!

There's an barely used ATV for sale-

And I know that you can get a great deal on the 4-wheeler and a two place trailer, both were new just a few months ago. But there's a story behind the reason this primo new gear is for sale and you can read about it on Kenny's blog.

Go wish him speedy healing because he is hurting all over.

Obama's message to America-

"I am gonna fix the fuck out of you." I'm afraid it will be too true.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday? Shopping?

Get real! I did NOT go shopping today, with the exception of 1 trip to Home Depot for some neccesary wire cable clamps. I did spend the day hiding out in my shop.

I reinstalled a big shelf that had been removed for the re-roof job last fall and then put up a bunch of boxes and bags that were taking up floor space. I put up a couple big hooks to hold power cords and c-clamps and I found a place to stack the reload ammo tubs. Overall, I got a lot of cleanup done and some floor space recovered, so the shop isn't quite so cluttered looking.

During the week I also fixed all the gaps between the walls and roof that were letting the light and the heat out. Some of the gaps were small enough to fill with caulk, some of them required some patch panels installed and then the caulk made everything tight.

My aged Visla dog, Sandy, is standing next to my chair right now. Her nasal cavities are whistling a tune with so many sounds that she sounds like a steam calliope! I don't know if dogs have septums like a human, but if they do, hers is busted, deviated, worn out or something because she has a real panopoly of tunes emanating from her grey haired muzzle!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bill Clinton named by Obama to head Oval Office team

This just in:
WASHINGTON DC - Ending weeks of speculation and rumors, President-Elect Barack Obama today named Bill Clinton to join his incoming administration as President of the United States, where he will head the federal government's executive branch.

"I am pleased that Bill Clinton has agreed to come out of retirement to head up this crucial post in my administration," said Obama. "He brings a lifetime of previous executive experience as Governor of Arkansas and President of the United States, and has worked closely with most of the members of my Cabinet."
Mr. Obama also has this to say:
Obama also announced that he had accepted his own appointment of himself as an Assistant Undersecretary in the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

"It's a fairly low-stress job that I'm reasonably qualified for," said Obama. "I really can't do much damage there, and it will give me plenty of free time for Oprah specials. Plus work on my next autobiography and re-election campaign."
Its from Iowahawk, of course and the entire post is hilarious. Go read the whole thing.

From one guy to every other guy out there

Watch this video and make sure you heed the warning so you don't end up in the Doghouse!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm pretty certain my Grandpa Harry would have liked this guy-

Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway and much more. Dean has invented a water purifier that produce clean drinking water anywhere in the world from nearly any bit of contaminated sludge. Its a terrific machine but he can't find any agency, anywhere in the world that will finance the production of enough of them to really help people that need the water.

And yes, Kamen is a character. But this article about him really gives some insight into how a smart guy thinks- and is always thinking. So read the article, its good!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Traveling to the safest place in all of Utah-

Kenny's got all the details of our trip to the Crossroads of the West gunshow, so go get his take on the fun. There were 5 of us that met up, shopped, browsed and carroused and then enjoyed lunch at Hooters.

Interestingly enough, in a giant expo center, packed full of rows upon rows of guns, of all sizes, shapes and calibers, and enough ammunition to offset the world's gravitational pull all piled up in the same place, I didn't see a single violent act, either by any of the hundreds of customers or by the nasty, evil guns that the gun-fearing wussies of the world are so afraid of.

What I did see was families and friends, customers and sellers of guns, ammunition, accessories, artisan breads, toys, glassware, jerky and old military uniforms. I saw dads there with their kids and their dads, people of numerous colors and age groups. And everyone seemed glad to be there and enjoying themselves.

I didn't even spend much money- I wish I could have spent much more, but I had a great time exercising my rights as an American, and spending time with my friends.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Cows with guns!

Go here immediately and listen to the terrific song, Cows with Guns! It is a hoot and I've played the entire thing 2 nights in a row. If you are in a shopping mood-what with it being the giving season and all, I'd love any of this guys's T-shirts!

And thanks to Xavier to turning me on to this fantastic song and video!

Got the internet back!

Its been busted since last night and even after a marathon, 1 hour+ phone call with the Comcast techs [snark] it wasn't fixable until a technician came to the casa this afternoon.

And- of course I had to wrassle with the wireless router to get it back on line. But it's working now and I can sit and relax.

I get SO stressed out when I can't reach my internet connection!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Still loving my iPhone!

I've got the 2 best timewasters on my phone; Red Mercury's Acid Solitaire and Freeverse's Flick Fishing. I've been a big fan of the Acid Solitaire game since I first installed it on my ancient Palm Pilot with its black & white screen several years ago- heck its the only reason I kept the Palm around was for that game. The iPhone version is a huge improvement over the previous version, has beautiful color and addicting play action.

And the Flick Fishing game is the most addicting 99 cents I've ever spent! It's huge fun, intuitive and colorful. I just added this game to my phone for a few days but it is quickly wrestling my playtime away from the Solitaire game. If you have and iPhone- go get it before the price jumps up!

November 19th already?

You know what that means, right? It's the 7th annual National Ammo Day! If you are a self respecting American firearms owner, you are encouraged to get out tomorrow and buy 100 rounds of your favorite ammunition.

Even though there's a gun show this weekend, with lots of ammo to be bought and reloading supplies to be purchased, I may just participate tomorrow with a hundred rounds to celebrate the event.

Maybe just another brick of 22LR would be ok in my locker...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

This light is making me verrry cranky!

Back in September when I was rebuilding the shop roof, I replaced the motion sensor floodlight that had been up there for 8 years with a new one, this light, from Home Depot. The old one was working but the lense cover was pretty cracked so I decided I'd just stick up a new light as part of the project.

The damm thing doesn't work!

I've had this light off the wall 3 times now. I've purchased and installed a second sensor. I've bench checked this light and it seems to work just fine. I've rehung it on the wall, 3 times, and it seems to work for a week or two, then it defaults to an "always on" mode. I've followed the reset instructions- repeatedly, without success. I'm using the same wiring that I used with the previous light.

I'm really fed up! I need a light back there to provide illumination on the front of the shop but this light is not working for me. I haven't decided what my next solution is going to be but I've got to have a new solution for my shop!

Fishing in November? Yes!

And no ice was harmed during this fishing trip! I have to tell you that it seemed like summer and fishing ran out just too quickly this year, mostly due to the overhaul of my workshop. But temperatures here were tolerant of a fishing trip yesterday and buddy Kenny and I headed out to East Canyon reservoir to see if the trout were biting. Here's the reservoir:

And here's the results of a morning's fishing:

That's two limits of 4 fish each for Kenny & me. We had a great time just relaxing in the low hanging sunshine and telling stories and comparing the results of nightcrawlers vs. PowerBait on the trout. I prefer the nightcrawlers but I did catch one fish on PowerBait yesterday so it did redeeem itself a little.

It was a bit chilly- hey its November here and we were at a pretty high elevation, but it only got cold when the wind kicked up, which it did a couple times. But catching fish made the time pass with pleasure and once I had my last fish on the stringer, we warmed up in the truck on the way home.

Next weekend? Gunshow!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Took a 4 day vacation at home!

With yesterday being Veterans Day I took the opportunity to switch a regular Friday off with Monday and turned the weekend into 4 days off. And since we had some time off, we decided to take a little vacation.

We talked about going to Vegas.

But the BSU got cold feet so we decided to stay at home and still vacation a little bit. Friday night we had a great dinner at Jeremiahs which is a nice, casual restaurant with really terrific food. We've been there a few times but not in a couple years, so it was a dandy treat and a great meal. The service was friendly and polite and the food came out of the kitchen fast! After dinner we saw Madagascar- Escape to Africa and got to catch up with our animated friends, Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman along with the bizarre penguins and King Julian the Lemur king. The story's funny and silly and since the critters were originally from Africa before living most of their lives in the New York Zoo, they find friends and family they didn't know existed in Africa. It's a hoot, so go see it!

Saturday and Sunday were pretty well filled up with chores and preparation for winter. I fixed the floodlight on my shop front- again, fixed a leaky gutter and drained the secondary water system so hopefully I won't have any freeze problems next spring. Saturday night we go to a Grizzlies hockey game and the BSU invited along the eldest boy and he brought his latest girlfriend, so we all had a good time. The game was wild and the Grizzlies might have won except that they really didn'y get warmed up and playing for the first 10 minutes of the game while the Ontario Reign got 2 goals on the scoreboard. Our team lost, 6-5 but it was a terrific fight with some great skating and hockey in between.

Monday we did something fun and entirely different, we went to see Body Worlds in Salt Lake. This traveling exhibit has been selling out in Salt Lake for a couple months now and everyone is talking about it, so Monday seemed like a good time to see it. Body Worlds is a display of human bodies, preserved in a unique fashion and then displayed in an artistic and educational manner that is really something to see. There are displays of every portion of the body's systems on display, right down to the complete nerve system or every capilary, artery and vein, in place on a skeleton. There are comparison displays of healthy and damaged lungs, cross sections of complete torsos so that you can see where everything fits inside your body and more. But the big draws are the entire bodies on display with their muscles, organs, ligaments and brains on display. The bodies are freaky at first but have a bizarre beaauty too and as you look at them and remember that these displays were people that donated their bodies for this purpose, it becomes a respectful view too.

Body Worlds is an educational and artistic display and if you get a chance, I really recommend that you go see it.

Most of Monday was more chores around the yard and I finally got the scooters moved around and tucked in. Sleek Black Beauty is in the shop and sitting on a dolly so that I can move it around as I need to and the Phantom is under the Bike Barn, under the carport. And last, we went to see another movie, Soul Men. It's a funny story, starring Samuel L Jackson and Bernie Mac as 2 retired and down on their luck back up singers, making their way to the memorial service for the recently deceased front man from 30 years ago. There's bad blood, and a road trip in a Caddy Eldorado convertible named the Muthaship and a jail break as they travel to New York City and the famed Apollo Theater. Its a pretty funny movie but it earns it's R rating with language so if you don't like to hear course language and lots of it, this won't be your movie. Its also the last work accomplished by both Bernie Mac and Isaac Hays before they passed away so it is a tribute to them both.

And this morning? I had to get out of bed and go back to work! It sure was good to have 4 days off though.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Test post

On our way to the movies in just a minute.

Sent from my iPhone

[UPDATE: This wireless technology stuff is really pretty amazing! As you can see, I sent this post, through my email on my iPhone, as I sat in front of my laptop. Just as fast I hit the "send" button on my phone, this post appeared on my blog, on my laptop. It was immediate. Somehow the signals go out through the airwaves, pass through AT&T's antennas, into the cables that connect to Comcast's servers and sent back to my house and then wirelessly to my laptop. Much faster than the tiime it took me to write this update. Its pretty cool.]

Sunday, November 09, 2008

I shouldn't make fun of this, but I'm going to...

Just outside the building I'm working in now, there's a dedicated motorcycle parking area. I parked Sleek Black Beauty there on the days I rode it for a couple weeks before the weather turned into winter. There's a motoercycle that parks there too, a Suzuki as it turns out that is really something to see. Check out these pictures and, as always, click on the thumbnails to see it in all its full size glory-

I think whoever owns this bike found an accessory catalog and rubbed the numbers off his credit card buying everything single geegaw that would fit his bike! The fairing and front fender have leather covers, there are flame cut covers on the fork legs and more studs than I would care to count! How about the giant white lettering on the tires, that's classy right?

I looked at this JC Whitney refugee for quite awhile before I even figured out what company originally produced it and was just in awe, (not really) of the owner's creativity. I'm certain the owner is mighty proud of his bike but I'll bet he will have a dickens of a time if he ever decides to sell it!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I hope you have voted already-

I know that there is a much bigger turnout at the polls today and I hope you have done your civic duty by voting today or sometime recently if you voted early as the BSU and I did.

I also know that it is the right of every American citizen to vote if they aren't excluded for particular reasons but after you watch this video, you might feel that not every American is smart enough to earn the voting privilege.
Obama Is Going To Pay For My Gas And Mortgage!!!
Ha Ha!

What a dumbass!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Another movie- a hilarious love story-

Its called Zack and Miri Make a Porno except here in Utah where it is only being titled Zack and Miri. This is a funny story about 2 down-on-their-funds best friends that share an apartment and just about everything else except sex. To get the utilities turned back on in their drafty Pittsburgh apartment, they cook up a wild idea- to make a porno movie!

They draft some friends and recruit some additional strippers and set to work making a porno, a film that will require them to have sex, which they have convinced themselves will have no affect on their friendship. Their first rented film set gets bulldozed and so the next attempt takes place after hours in the coffee shop where Zach (barely) works. Hilarity ensures as each of the scenes takes place with the weird assembled group of characters as they all become friends.

But this is a love story in spite of the raunchy porno that the gang is determined to produce and after Zach and Miri have sex, on film and in front of the rest of the cast, they discover that there really is more to their relationship than they first realized. From there the movie takes a pretty predictable course that involves breaking up, moving out and finally intervention by the friends to get things back on an even track.

Yes, its raunchy. There's nudity and crudity. But it's also laugh out loud funny with great lines and funny sight gags. There's a love story in there too. If you like Seth Rogen in The 40 Year Old Virgin or Knocked Up, you owe it to yourself to go see this movie and enjoy the laughs.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

I don't know what happened

But somehow this AM I tweaked my back something fierce. I got up early because Kenny & I were supposed to go shooting. But the weather didn't look promising so we mutually cancelled those plans and I went back to bed for an extra hour of snuggling with the spouse.

When I got up, I could barely stand up. My lower back had just locked up tight. But I took some pain meds, took the BSU out to breakfast- we're never going back to the Flying J for food, and struggled for a couple hours putting my air compressor back together in the shop.

Then I was into my recliner for a couple hours rest before we headed out to the movie. Its better- not good, but better and I hope a good night's sleep makes me feel even better tomorrow.

Made it out to the movies tonight-

And the BSU and I really enjoyed The Changeling. It stars Angelolina Jolie, John Malkovich and was produced by Clint Eastwood, so it has real star power in front and behind the cameras in this movie. Its a true story that took place in 1920s and 30s Los Angeles and centers around Jolie's character, Christine Collins' search for her abducted son. The LA police department produce a boy that they claim is her son after several months but she knows, from the minute of introduction that the boy is not her son and is an imposter.

LAPD puts up every lie and delay possible, including throwing Collins into the county mental hospital where she can't reach the outside world. Only through the efforts of an activist preacher who has taken up Collins' case does she get released and the story taken public. In the mean time, a detective in the force is uncovering a tragic multiple homicide story told by a young boy that interconnects with Christine's search for Walter.

It's a good story. It is a dramatic tale of one woman's uncompromising search for her lost son as she brings down a corrupt police force in a growing California city. The acting and period clothing and vintage autos and sets are just as excellent as any movie I've seen lately. That it is a true story brought to the big screen makes it even better.

There is one detraction- ok, 2 distractions in this movie; Angelina Jolie's lips! She has terrible, big fat lips and glossing them up with vintage cardinal red lipstick just makes those lips stick out like giant, puffy flags that distracted me through out the movie. Otherwise this film gets 2 thumbs up from the BSU and myself!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Oh! This is funny!

Check out this video! I know I'm drinking right now but even without this would be funny!

This is pretty interesting-

New law authorizes military hand salute while in civilian clothing.
The new provision improves upon a little known change in federal law last year that authorized veterans to render the military-style hand salute during the raising, lowering or passing of the flag, but it did not address salutes during the national anthem. Last year's provision also applied to servicemembers while not in uniform.
You should probably expect that I'll be doing this at every opportunity.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I've got bupkis!

I've been busy but that's no excuse I suppose. I've just not been motivated to write. So what have I been doing? Let's see...

Last week it was time for the annual rite of nearly winter- ski movies! On Thursday night I headed out to Weber State for the Teton Gravity Research movie, Under the Influence. On Saturday night it was time for the granddaddy of ski movie maker's, Warren Miller's Children of Winter. These two films come around every fall and they bring out all the skiers and snowboarders for a chance to hoot and holler over the unbelieveable scenes filled all around the world by the most fearless of pro skiers. The films really are filled with some heart stopping scenes of the wildest skiing and they're great fun. So I went out for the annual ritual with all the rest of the powderhounds.

Saturday was a day of chores and grocery shopping. On Sunday the BSU and I took a drive to see the fall leaves out through the mountains but we should have gone a couple weeks ago as most of the leaves in the higher elevations were gone so it was a bit of an anticlimax.

We did have lunch in Park City and a short walk around town and that turned into a mighty pleasant outing for both of us. I even have a couple pictures from the day but right now they are just prints. When I get upstairs and connected to the scanner, I'll add some pictures to this post.

So that's about it really. Work, play, sleep, repeat as required.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I did my part-

I voted.

I so love early voting! The BSU and I walked in, waited for just 2 people in front of us, and voted. We were back out to the truck in 8 minutes!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday evening weekly wrap up

First of all, a big Happy Birthday to my Beloved Spousal Unit, who has been celebrating with her sisters in Oregon all weekend. Its that big birthday, #50, that nobody that's not there yet looks forward to and so to do it right, I sent her off to the left coast to celebrate with her sisters.

Its also our 26th anniversary, (pretty smart of me to align that, don't you think?) and I want to thank my BSU for putting up with me for all these years. Its been a bumpy ride for some of them and I can tell you that the smooth road we have been on lately has been all the more appreciated for the difficult times we have traveled through together.

I've been plenty busy in her absence this weekend. I did a little housecleaning, I went with friend Carol and her 3 off-spring to the Black Island Farms Harvest Festival and Corn Maze last night and had a wonderful time including a tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch so that everyone could chose the perfect pumpkin for a jack-o-lantern and on Friday I spent a couple pleasant hours at an auction with my buddy Kenny.

I got away cheap, just $4.50 for a pneumatic nail gun and two old office chairs, one for the shop and one for the computer room. Kenny spent a little more but did make one terrific purchase, a Makita compound radial arm saw for just 50 bucks! I did look at some 4 foot light assemblies that would have been perfect in my shop for just 10 bucks but I would have had to purchase the entire pallet's worth and there must have been 30 or more lights on the pallet. I just decided I didn't feel like messing with trying to reselling all the lights I couldn't use.

Today I spent a few hours with my friend Ben working on my shop. I got one closet door cut out and installed while Ben was over and have just one more and some hasps to install to finish that job. I also got the swamp cooler on the house roof drained, dried out and covered up, my hand-me-down Bike Barn built and installed under the carport, made a charity drop off and ran almost 1400 45ACP cases through my recently purchased brass cleaner and tumbler. I've got one more small batch of 45 brass to clean and then I can get busy setting up the Dillon progressive reloader that I just purchased from another buddy. I'm planning to reload ammo this winter in my spare time!

So that's it really. I've had a good weekend with my friends and the BSU has had a great weekend with her sisters. She will be home tomorrow night and we will celebrate together later this week. The laundry is done except for the folding, (that's next) and my weekend is just about finished.

One last thing, I've discovered that this humble blog has finally broken into the 6 digit visitor count, some time this past week. Thanks to everyone for making that happen!

The most informative explanation of the 2nd Amendment

You really must go watch this video that explains in the most eloquent terms what our Second Amendment Right, under the U.S. Constitution is all about. It is brilliant and needs to be seen and shared by everyone.

The folks that paid for it are Jews For the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. If anyone understands what can happen to an unarmed society, they understand.

Thanks to Xavier for posting it where I would see it.

An addition to my blogroll-

I've been busy a few days now and haven't posted anything and perhaps I can reconcile that later this evening. But while I'm sitting here drinking my morning coffee, I'm adding Wake Up America to my blogroll. I'm going to read it every day and I encourage you to do the same. The writing over there is pointed, honest and thought provoking and deserves to be shared by thinking Americans everywhere.

Check it out.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Think there's no difference between the right and the left?

I've been pretty quiet this year regarding the upcoming election. Not because I'm not interested but because there are so many others far more capable of saying what needs to be said. But this morning I found a story that needs to be shared even on this small outpost on the interwebz, so I'm posting it to spread the word.

Read this post at Wake Up America and see if it doesn't explain how vile, crude and disgusting the left can be when they can't make their point using adult thoughts and language. Consider how the Main Stream Media has ignored their rudeness and vulgarity and consider what would be reported if the shoe were on the other foot.

But the shoe is not on the other foot and the media isn't reporting this vile behavior, so it is up to the right-wing bloggers, (count me in) to expose their vulgarity.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

How to start a marriage off on the wrong foot-

Video From

It is snowing like its December already!

There's at least 3" of snow on my truck this morning! This looks December weather, not October. Where's that global warming we've heard so much about? From the weather desk at KSL:
Cold air moving over the warmer waters of the Great Salt Lake will provide additional snow showers throughout the day today. Snow will fall in the mountains of Northern Utah as well. Additional accumulations will be from a trace of snow to 2 inches in the valleys and 2 to 4 inches along the Benches of the Central and Northern Wasatch Front. Much higher amounts of over 6 inches will fall to the east and southeast of the Great Salt Lake in the Bench areas of Davis County and Northern Salt Lake County primarily. The storm will pull out rapidly tomorrow and "Indian Summer" weather will rule the rest of the workweek. Meteorologist Dan Pope-Live 5 Weather HD. Sunday October 12, 2008
I'm not ready for winter!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

This made me laugh SO hard!

Ignore the stupid advertising and get on over to to watch the funniest video I have seen in forever. Its called Broke Trek and its hilarious. Really, go watch it.

Carol- you might be too young to get it. Sorry. But its still funny!

If you have been a victim of Data Safe Solutions-

Get the over to the Internet Crime Complaint Center immediately and file a complaint. Make sure to include a link to my original post, the link at 800 and this information that someone else found out about Data Safe Solutions:
Domains by Proxy, Inc.
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 19-Jun-08
Expires on: 19-Jun-10
Last Updated on: 19-Jun-08

Administrative Contact:
Private, Registration
Domains by Proxy, Inc.
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States
(480) 624-2599 Fax -- (480) 624-2598

Technical Contact:
Private, Registration
Domains by Proxy, Inc.
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States
(480) 624-2599 Fax -- (480) 624-2598
It was a kind commenter on my post, R Roaney, that turned me on to this website that is a joint effort between the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National White Collar Crime Center and the Bureau of Justice Assistance.

My computer has some fault that won't communicate with IC3's complaint form so I will have to accomplish my complaint tomorrow. I'm also going to file a complaint with the Utah Attorney General's Office of Consumer Affairs tomorrow.

So if you have also been stung by Data Safe Solutions, don't delay another minute, get to the Internet Crime Complaint Center and let them know what happened to you right away!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Dad's got a new home for his blog!

As I mentioned last night, AOL was killing Dad's blog and so he got busy today and fired up a new one on Blogger, as I recommended. He even changed its name! I'll fix the link in my blogroll later but until then, follow the the link here and get over to southern Florida and wish him well in his new digs.

Now accepting donations!

A few weeks back, while I was off work and working on my workshop roof, I came out one morning to the sound of my air compressor running and air leaking. Seems that the pressure regulator had ruptured and the compressor had been running for quite a long time. There was oil flung all over the shop floor and the room was warmed up uncomfortably from the heat coming off the pump. So I turned everything off, replaced the pressure regulator and changed out the little bit of oil still in the crankcase of the pump. It was pretty nasty looking oil, believe me!

Afterwards the compressor worked but the pump sounded like a bucket of hammers sitting on a paint shaker. It just made horrible noises every time it kicked on. I knew its life was nearly over and would need replacement. This past weekend I tried to buy a pump from Harbor Freight but the pulleys were incompatible and I could not figure out where to get the right one to match their pump to my motor, so I returned it.

My compressor's a Craftsman model so I looked up the new pump. Its $283 plus tax! Yikes! Since I'm just now getting back to work, this is a bit more than I can spare right now, even though Sears says the have the part in stock and ready to ship.

Last night I took it apart to see if I might be able to just perform a minor overhaul, maybe put in some new rings and crank bearings to make it good. But there are no crank bearings and new rings won't work in the cylinder that's worn as badly as this one. Check out the pics:

(As always, you can see the biggie size by clicking on the small pics.)

There's no sense trying to put parts into this worn out pump. It almost appears that somebody ran a hone through the cylinders sometime before I bought it used 6 years ago. But this block is shot and machine work to fix it would be more costly than replacing it.

So if you owe me a birthday present or two, or if you're feeling generous 'just because', I'll take any donations you care to send my way. Heck, I'd even be willing to put donor's names on my compressor as sponsors!

Monday, October 06, 2008

So, the new job seems like it will be good-

Although I have to admit that after working 2 days last week, I wasn't anxious to go back again for a full week today. It seems like 2 days per week ought to be enough to get the job done. Hey, its working for Kenny as he finishes off his career!

Anyway, I've finally gotten all the connectivity and a computer running and email so I guess I have to keep going in every morning. I think the job will be pretty good, and less headache than the last one, once I get everything figured out. The folks I'm working with seem friendly and helpful and I have a 4 seater cubicle mostly to myself so there's nobody to interrupt or bug me while I figure out the inner workings of this new job.

The cell phone connectivity does suck throughout and around my building- that's a bad thing. It seems to be right in the middle of a cell tower black hole and that's a bummer. Otherwise, its all good.

Hey Dad,

Start here!

Seems AOL is killing its blogging service and he needs to move Roger's Ramblings to new digs.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

True? You be the judge!

Your result for The Classic Leading Man Test...

Clark Gable

You scored 45% Tough, 33% Roguish, 14% Friendly, and 10% Charming!

You're a helluva guy and a bit of an enigma. You're a man's man, tough talking and ready for anything, and you make the ladies swoon with your rakish ways. You're equally admired by both men and women alike, drinking other men under the table all the while charming the socks off half a dozen lovelies. You're a commanding presence, and you know how to get what - and who - you want when you want it. You're drawn to women who, like you, are savvy enough to deal with the world on their own terms. You work well with spitfires. Leading ladies include Joan Crawford, Myrna Loy, and Jean Harlow. No damsels in distress for you.

Find out what kind of classic dame you'd make by taking the
Classic Dames Test.

Take The Classic Leading Man Test at HelloQuizzy

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stung! Stolen! Watch out for Data Safe Solutions!

This is really interesting and not yet resolved but we will be filling in the forms to get our money back later today. But this morning I discovered that Data Safe Solutions, a company that promises to protect the consumer from fraud and online theft, has in fact taken nearly $400 from our checking account overnight!

I've been to the credit union, they reviewed the electronic version of the check that was presented and paid and offered me the phone number, which I Googled to find this rip-off agency. I also discovered that I'm not the only one that this has happened to.

I have no idea how this company scored my account number but they did and I don't know yet if I'll get our money back or if I'll have to go through the hassle of changing our account number but I will soon.

My advice to you is to be on the watch for this company's illegal attack on your money by watching your accounts.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Ok, you have to watch this-

Obama's teleprompter has demands. Its hilarious!

Well this looks like an exciting ride!

Can I get a test ride on this? Apparently it is a Brudelli Leanster. Its a 645cc KTM powered, leaning 3-wheeler and it looks like a real blast to ride. Make sure to check out the galery of pictures!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

So besides movies, what else have I been doing?

Well let's see. Friday the BSU took me shopping for new job clothes so that I'll look all spiffy when I report to work on Thursday. I've got new slacks and shirts and socks so I'll be as well dressed as its possible for me to be. We happened to see the owner of the body shop that repaired the truck when we rolled it a few years back and I mentioned that the truck needed some paint repair on the fender flange. He told me to bring it out to the shop and I did and tomorrow his shop is going to fix up my chipped paint.

Saturday I worked on the shop, putting things back inside that had been sitting outside the entire time. I hung a new security light outside and rehung the door illumination light. I've finished the raingutter on the back of the shop and just have 2 doors to build and hang to finish my closets. Then there are some trim boards to put back on so I can call the project finished outside.

Inside I still want to insulate my new roof, there are some hurricane straps to finish installing and probably some caulking to be squirted into cracks around the edges. And the never-ending sweep-up of the sawdust that has filled every nook and cranny continues.

Today I took the BSU to church and took my buddy Ben fishing for a bit. Both were really pleasant ways to spend a few hours.

A movie you should spend your money on-

Eagle Eye! This movie doesn't have all the pretensions of Miracle of St Anna, its just a great movie. Its an action adventure drama with two unwilling characters, brought together and trying to save their own skin by complying with a woman that contacts them through cell phones, blinking parking garage signs and can seemingly see their every move, no matter where they are.

This movie is fast paced, exciting and turns out to be related to another famous thriller movie but to tell you more would spoil it. This movie is as fast paced and thrilling as The Bourne Ultimatum and is worthy of your movie ticket and popcorn dollars.

Worst movie ever!

Let me save you 8 bucks and a bucket of popcorn right now- Miracle at St Anna sucks hind tit. Really. It may be the worst movie I've seen in a year or more.

I know this movie is Spike Lee's big movie that he hopes to score an Oscar with later in the year, but this movie is just horrible. First of all, its 2 hours and 40 minutes long and there are enough unrelated, disconnected and disjointed scenes included that should have been cut out that the movie could have been cut back to 2 hours easily. There are scenes- including scenes that include titties, that are completely unneccesary to the story and should have been left on the editing room floor.

Next, this is a war story, so there's violence on the screen, lots of violence. In some of the scenes it is as gritty as Saving Private Ryan. But there's lots more violence, scenes of women and children being slaughtered by the evil Nazis that are just gratuitious and ugly and unneccesary to the story. The tale could have been told just as easily without the very excess violence.

And this is a story about 4 black soldiers from the 92nd Infantry Division, a segregated unit. So the story is about the war from the point of view of these 4 soldiers, the good hearted but simple giant, the womanizing preacher and two more soldiers just trying to get out of Italy alive. There's lots of yakking about their fears and feelings and flashbacks to how they were mistreated back in the US in spite of their uniforms. And it seems to go on forever!

There's magic- a little Italian boy that one soldier rescues revives a broken radio just by touching it; there are ghosts and two soldiers fighting to have first chance to seduce the one attractive woman in the village and there is a back story of the Italian Partisan rebels and their tales of treachery and traitors.

There's also, (and finally) a modern day story about a marble head, missing for decades from a famous bridge that's found in the closet of a murderous postal employee that is supposed to tie all these strings together into a comprehensive story. It all fails quite miserably in my humble opinion. Finally, the movie is called Miracle at St Anne, but I couldn't find a miracle when only 2 people survived the inevitable Nazi overrun of the village. That's hardly a miracle in my book!

This story is overblown, over-acted and under edited, all for the sake of Spike Lee aiming for a big prize with the Academy. Its horrible, skip it!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

I got an exciting phone call just a while ago, seems I'm the company's choice for the job I interviewed for on Monday! Nothing official yet- its in the hands of HR people someplace now, but I've been told to be expecting a call or email very soon.

I've already sent my resume to one company this AM and am about to send it to another as soon as I finish this post. But I have to go down to the Department of Workforce Services to use their computer. For some reason that I can't figure out, my computer does not cooperate with many online job loading web pages. So I'll get on Sleek Black Beauty here shortly and make the trip to DWS and upload it there.

But I'm excited!

[UPDATE} It's official! I'll be getting paperwork in the immediate future, I have to pass a drug screen and then I'll get the official offer paperwork after that. It looks like I'll be starting 1 October. Sweet!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm not dead-

just busy. And when I'm not busy, I'm tired. I'm still unemployed, with resumes out several places and not many people calling me back. I did have an interview yesterday that seemed to go well and I hope I get a return call on that job still this week.

I've rebuilt the closets on the front of the shop, finishing up this afternoon, with just the doors to rebuild and install. I still have a bunch of work to do- all the trim boards on the corners and the rain gutters on the back and putting everything back inside that belongs inside.

So, basically, I'm just uninspired to write right now and trying to take care of business that needs my attention.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My hummers have departed-

Without so much as a "thanks for the juice" departing note, the hummingbirds that I have fed and admired all summer have packed their teeny-tiny little luggage and headed south for the warmer climes of Mexico. I took down their last feeder just a few minutes ago.

I had a much smaller population of hummers this year, just 3 and sometimes 4 regulars unlike other years when I've fed 7 or 8. But I enjoyed their comapany and antics and hope they return next year with more of their friends.

Its fall. Time for a camping trip or 2. And ski season is just a few months away!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Shop pictures!

As promised, here are some pictures of the new shop roof.

First, a reminder of what the old roof looked like:

And now the new roof-

Here's the skylights on the west side. I'm really pleased with them.

Looks good, doesn't it? I'm amazed at how much work it was to get this done.

As always, click the thumbnail pictures to see the full size images.

The roof is finished!

Hurrah! I've finished the work on the roof! The last shingle and flashing and trim piece has been installed. It looks terrific. I am so worn out from all the ladder climbing and shingle lifting, but the roof is finished nd I'm happy with it.

I still have work to do before the entire task is completed- rebuilding the closets on the outside of the shop and putting a new roof on that, installing insulation on the inside of the roof, replacing one broken 8 foot flourescent light assembly and adding a 4th light and putting everything back in its place. That will take me a few more days but the work will all be easier than the roofing work I have been doing all weekend.

Somebody asked for updated pictures and I just remembered where I left the digital camera since I set down here. So I'll get some updated pictures posted a little later on.

Now to the Village Inn for some dinner!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shop status update-

Well after a 7 AM dental check-up and cleaning- 7 o'clock? Yes, at 7 AM this morning I was sitting in the dental chair waiting to be scraped and scoped and polished. And I got a decent bill of health in spite of my efforts.

But as soon as I got home, I was working on the shop roof and waiting for the contractor to show up. Rex is the same guy that did our floors and kitchen work earlier this year and he came over today, with his helper to help me get the job wrapped up correctly.

We switched the OSB decking on the long side so that it was aligned correctly and got it much better squared up than before. We also reused some of the old 2X6 rafters for fascia on the ends of the rafters.

Tomorrow, we are putting up the drip guards and flashings on the edges and getting the shingling started. Rex is going to get me going and help with the flashing around the skylights then leave me to finish that job by myself.

So, its getting very close. There will be finish work to accomplish inside later- insulating the ends and roof and putting up some OSB on the ends. I still need to rebuild the 2 closets that sit outside the shop and put a roof over those and the doorway. The trim boards need to be reinstalled and finally it will need to be re-stained top to bottom.

I never thought it was going to be this tough!

Just 1 reason I won't be voting for Barrack Hussein Obama this November-

In response to Skinny Dan's comment about Behemoth just below, here is just 1 of the reasons I can't (and won't) vote for Barry for president.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oh yeah, the Behemoth is toast...

I have a Genie brand shop vac, the biggest one that Home Depot had when I finally got fed up with not having one, sometime during all the work we did on our house in Louisiana- so before 1996. This shop vac is about the height & diameter of R2D2 and made enough noise to wake a drunken Wookie.

I was using it today, cleaning up in my shop and I noticed that the sound was fluctuating just a little bit. Not too much, just a little slow down every now & then.

And then the sparks began shooting out the top of the engine vent... Smoke too!


I think I'm going to have to buy a new shop vac...

Best iPhone case?

I can't say if this horizontal carrying case for my new Apple iPhone is the best case there is in the world but I can tell you this- for less than $7 delivered, this case is really nice.

Its all leather, smooth inside and textured outside with a magnetic catch, very tidy stitching and a look like a much more expensive bit of gear. I am impressed and surprised and tickled to get my phone out of my pocket where I just know it was going to get scratched up.

And I love my iPhone so far too. I still have lots of things to figure out but its pretty slick!

Dear Mr. Obama-

No doubt this will offend some of my liberal readers- both of you, but it won't be the first or last time I've offended someone. This is simple, powerful and direct. Watch all of it; its worth it.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

A turd afloat in the gene pool-

I didn't make that up, Cranky Lit Prof wrote it describing a scruffy, pube-chinned, glasses wearing university student who she describes as hopelessly ignorant.

She's probably right. Click the link and read the story to find out why.

Where to start?

You might guess that I'd have more time for blogging due to my current circumstances but it seems that's just not the case. In fact, I've been busier 'n hell for the past several days. So how to tell the story?

Let's see- I've had 2 job interviews that both seemed to go very well. I'm hoping for a call back on one of them in particular but could be in the running for either one. I've also applied for a job that I heard about through a friend that I expect I will get asked to interview for next week. And in spite of all the activity so far that I'm expecting to turn into an offer, tomorrow I'll dig in again to see what other possibilities I can find.

The workshop remodel continues. Noah came home again this weekend and with his help the ends of the shop have been closed in. It was only 3 pieces of paneling on each end but each piece needed to be cut to match the roof line and then screwed into place, so it was a good day's work. We also installed the 2nd skylight this morning. I did the first one by myself and that was pretty tricky so having him to assist this morning made that a much easier task.

The contractor that did our kitchen work finally made it by on Saturday afternoon to inspect our work and to see what would be required to get finished up. He had several suggestions about how to finish up the job and so he will be back later this week to assist me with some improvements and to get all the flashings installed properly. He's going to get me started on the shingling part of the job and loan me the power nail gun for the task.

It hasn't been all work this week though, there's been a little time for recreation too. Friday night the BSU and I saw Traitor, a new suspense-thriller movie that stars Don Cheadle. This is an excellent movie that will leave you scratching your head afterwards as you consider the tricky situation that Cheadle's character plays as an "off-the-books" undercover agent and the twisted thought process of the Islamic terrorists that he has aligned himself with. It really is a terrific film and it gets 2 thumbs up from my house.

Saturday night was a perfect night for baseball and the BSU and I went to see probably our last Raptors game of the season. The team made the southern division playoffs this year but they have to play the arch rivals- the Orem Owlz. The Owlz have beaten the Raptors badly this year; they've beaten every team pretty badly actually, and last night was no different. It was Owlz 5, Raptors 1 at the end of last night's game. They are playing in Orem tonight- the score's tied 5-5 right now and the Raptors will have to beat the Owlz tonight and tomorrow night if they are to go to the Pioneer League championship series later in the week. So we will see what happens but chances are my baseball spectating is done for the summer.And even though the Raptors lost night, it was a beautiful night at Lindquist Field in downtown Ogden.

Today was even more excitement, as I took Sleek Black Beuty for the longest ride yet, out to Toole and Miller Motorsports Park to spectate some vintage motorcycle racing at the Bonneville Vintage GP. It was terrific getting up close to some neat vintage racing bikes and spectating from the elevated deck above the front straightaway. There was some really great racing by guys doing it just for the fun of going fast on old and interesting motorcycles. The road trip on Sleek Black Beauty was 134 miles round trip and most of that was on the highway so I got a pretty good buffeting since the windscreen really doesn't provide much any wind protection. But it was fun and Beauty performed perfectly.

So tomorrow I'm back to job hunting and working on the shop. I've got to get the skylights taped in to seal out the water. I've also got to purchase some more flashing for the roof edges in addition to the rain drip edge that I already have and there are more tasks to accomplish before the contractor shows up to help me finish. Then I can get busy putting everything back inside and (finally) removing all the sawdust and dirt that has collected. I've been doing cleanup nearly every day and it seems that I'll never get rid of all the wood chips that have collected.

So that's it. I'm not dead, just busy and enjoying the cooler temperatures that have occurring lately. Keep your fingers crossed for me and my employment circumstances over the next few days!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Job hunting is heating up!

I got a phone call today from a buddy, his sister is a contractor on base and a job in her section just opened up this week- a job I could do happily. Jim happened to know from others that I was out of work and he recommended me, then called me and told me to get busy and fix my resume for her consideration. Of course I did! I sent it off just a little while ago.

Today's interview went pretty well, I think, and I hope I get a call back from the CEO as soon as he is back in town. That job sounds like a great challenge and opportunity.

And I have another interview tomorrow!

I told you things were heating up!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

On the job front-

Interviews tomorrow and Friday... Tomorrow will be 2 weeks I've been off work.

Seems long enough.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

On the job front-

Cross your fingers...

I don't want to say very much right now- I don't want to jinx anything. But today has turned out to be very productive, with an interview arranged for later this week and a phone call from someone that knows someone else, and it turns out, they both know me, who called me tonight with an exciting possibility. The person that called me doesn't want me to fill up my schedule with other interviews until she can get my resume in front of her boss!

No more details until something firms up...

Monday, September 01, 2008

Ixnay on the tolerable weather!

Thunder, lightening, dumping, heavy rains and dark clouds outside my window this AM. I should be able to get out to the shop and get at least 1 light rehung but I won't be cutting any skylight holes today!

And I might delay hanging the other 2 lights because I think they would be in the way of the skylight marking and cutting operation.

For now, I'm drinking coffee and reading my Jonathan Kellerman paperback- Compulsion.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Shop update-

Noah and I finished installing the roof panels this morning. We had 4 panels left off last night on account of darkness, so we finished the job today. And we got the open ends covered up wih plastic just minutes before the cold front arrived and the thunderstorms began.

After that, I had a shower, a coffee and read for an hour or so before setting down to watch tv with the rest of the family.

Tomorrow Noah's going to help me rehang the 8 foot light mounts before heading back towards Colorado. And if the weather is tolerable, I can install my skylights.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

How I spent my Saturday-

It has been a busy Saturday. Today was the day the new trusses and roof went onto my shop. I know I talk about this shop all the time, as if its some marvelous man-cave of tool shop delights- and I do love my shop, but if you don't know, it is a rather humble workshop. The first picture tonight is what it looked like as I began tearing off the old roof. As you can see, it was a single, (much too shallow pitch) roofed shop.

Today, my buddy Loc and son Noah helped me set the new trusses. That's me with the hat and Loc trying to figure out how everything needed to be tied together. These new roofs don't come with instructions except those I could find on the internet, so it took some figuring out.

Here's the new trusses all set in place.

Everything is looking good so far.

We didn't get all the OSB sheeting up before darkness fell tonight. We did get most of the sheets up but had to quit and staple up some plastic to keep out the pending rain.

Tonight, after pasta dinner and a shower and a couple ounces of vodka and some Motrin, I'm feeling pretty good and I'm extremely pleased with today's accomplishments. We got a lot done and everything looks good.

Depending on the weather tommorrow, Noah and I should be able to finish the OSB roofing. If it rains, as the guessers are predicting, the work will have to wait. There's lots to be done still, new ends to fill in the peaks and to remove the old, angled line of the previous roof, the closets on the door end will have to be rebuilt and re-roofed, there are trim boards to be reinstalled or replaced and just a ton of things to be accomplished before my humble shop is all back to normal.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

LawDog finally tells the tale

of the pink gorilla suit! With spats and a top hat!

If you don't read LawDog all the time, you really should because he writes with a style that I last encountered reading Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas with the difference that you can believe LawDog's telling the truth.

He has promised to tell this tale for quite a while now and he finally spills the hilarity, so this definitely requires that you move any liquids away from your keyboard or monitoe while reading it.

This construction job is hard work!

Today I spent 7 full hours wrenching the old rafters out of the top of my shop. Actually, I spent a full hour picking up and moving the sheeting that I removed yesterday out to Leonard's trailer and I had to take 1 trip to Lowes to replace the just-bought scroll saw that quit while I was on a ladder.

But the rest of the time, I was working- most of it on a ladder, cutting and prying out the 2X6s that were nailed in through the ends between each rafter. Then I got most of the rafters pried up and I managed to get 3 of the 13 nailed on their sides in between the places the new trusses will be installed. I figured out all by myself that removing all the rafters- you know those pieces that tie together both walls of the shop might just be a bad idea. So I'm laying the removed rafters on top of the walls, in between the spaces where I removed them, and using them to hold everything together.

But its been nearly 7 hours of standing on a ladder, or moving the ladder, or cutting out the 2X6s or picking up my messes and I'm worn out- completely out!

And I'm still taking things apart... the improvements haven't even started yet!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I got all the roof off today...

Its taken a few hours and some pounding and prying and 2 showers but all the sheeting is off the roof tonite! The trusses have been delivered and are awaiting some help for me to get them slung up. I still need to get the old rafters out of the way and it will take a few hours for me to pull all those nails but things are coming along.

I got a lot of work done today!

The BSU had a follow-up appointment for her eye surgery and everything seems perfect. She was able to see the eye chart better than the Doc expected. She has a few more days before everything is back to normal and she is having some pain that the Doc prescribed her some heavy meds for. But otherwise, this is working out well.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The BSU can see tonight, without her eyeglasses!

That's right, today she had her PRK laser corrective eye surgery. She's wearing plastic eye covers and putting in drops to quell the itching but she's done. And pretty happy so far. Because of the type of surgery, her eyes are going to be very scratchy and hurting for a few days but she has some pain meds to help with the worst of it.

And I watched the entire process on the TV in the waiting area. Its pretty weird but she was done in under 10 minutes and walked out able to see the number of fingers I was holding up.

Maybe- maybe I'll do it someday. Right now, call me undecided.

My roof trusses arrive tomorrow!

And I still have so much to accomplish before I am ready for them! Hooray!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Could there be a better candidate?

I don't think so!

I do call dibs on the SecDef position on his cabinet!

Brother, can you spare a dime?

Rattle, rattle, rattle- that would be ths sound of me waving my dingy, bent, tin cup at you from a street corner, as I figure out where my next meal is coming from...

That's right, as you might have guessed from Thursday night's post, I'm unemployed.


Made redundant.

Laid off.

Not welcome in my building or cubicle...

Its a long story but I finally tipped off th high-wire act that is being a contractor working for the government. COntractors work at the whim of their .gov manangement and it doesn't take much, (or anything) to get them to release you. And that's what happened to me. The management decided they just didn't like my work style and even though I got the results they wanted, I didn't act the way they thought I should. And so Thursday afternoon, my company set me loose.

The good news is I did get "laid off" so I received a better than expected severance package and should I be unemployed still at the end of that package, I can apply for unemployment benefits.

In the mean time, I have have a new job starting tomorrow, that is, hunting for a new job. I'll be updating my resume and contacting a number of folks I already know and stirring the pot to see what I can dig out of their listings as well as several others.

I hate it that I won't see the Taxi Light Relocation program that I have worked on get finished but I guess somebody will pick it up behind me and finish it off.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

This just might make you laugh-

it certainly comes with a drink/monitor interfernce warning....

Check this out.

Too drunk to give you details-

but today has Not been a good day. Details, (or a rough estimation of the real story), later. Tomorrow maybe, when I've got more time...

Lots more time...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

No shop roof work tonight-

no lawn mowing or scooter re-assembling in the shop tonight either. I didn't even go out to the shop for a smoke and to listen to the Raptor's game. I'm just too tired tonight.

I got home from work and sat down, only to have to go out immediately to rescue the BSU, clear down in Layton at her eye Doc's office. She had taken herself to an appointment, unaware that she would be having her eyes dilated, so she was in no condition to drive home. And I went and rescued her like any caring hubby would.

I left the scoot there, we both went to dinner at Jason's Deli and then I took her home. Kenny picked me up and delivered me back down to the scooter so I could get it home. That's when I discovered that the license plate had fallen off Sleek Black Beauty!

Hooverdamm! The aluminum bracket that holds the LED brakelight and the license plate frame broke at the top of the license plate holder. Its gone.

I guess tomorrow I get to visit my friendly DMV office...

Good news & bad news from the boy

So, son Noah’s been back in Colorado for a week and a half and yesterday evening he called to say he had found a job. That’s the good news. He’s decided that he wants to stay close to the Rocky Mountains and so had been pursuing work for one of the several ski resorts, hopefully in the maintenance barns servicing and repairing all the trucks, cats and snowmobiles that a ski resort requires. Yesterday he went in to fill out an application at one of the resorts and while searching for a stapler to keep his application package together, ran into the General Manager who promptly offered him a summer job cutting brush on the slopes and promised to consider his application for more complex employment.


The bad news is, later in the afternoon he had his first spill on his motorcycle and banged up his knee... He had apparently ridden to Fremont Springs- the nearest town with any shopping that doesn’t require a designer label, taken his eyes off the van in front of him for a second and looked up to discover the van coming to an immediate stop. He didn’t get the bike stopped fast enough and ended up on his side partially under the van! There’s no serious damage done, the van’s unharmed and no tickets were issued but he did ding up his shiny motorcycle a bit and he twisted his knee pretty painfully. You know, the knee that he needs for hiking up and down ski slopes beginning today, cutting brush…


I advised that he get himself a knee brace at the nearest pharmacy and that he get off of it as soon as he could get back to where he is staying. He was still dang determined to show up for work this morning, just as he had promised and I hope his injuries won’t prevent that. He’ll be sore for a bit but I suspect he will be feeling better soon and he’ll be a better motorcycle rider as a result of all this. His motorcycle will be easily repaired once he starts making some money with his new job.


Needless to say- his mom was not happy to hear about his motorcycle accident!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


So easy a caveman could do it.

Well, I beg to differ but I have to tell you that this really made me laugh! Thanks Cowboy Blob!

"I'm hot because I have a beaver."

Hey, I didn't say it!

I think there's a mom that's overestimating the number of years before she should be expecting her daughter to say something like this...

Well, the shingles are all off!

I still have a few to throw into the trash cans but they are all loose and waiting to be tossed off the shed roof. I've also cut away the overhanging tree branches that would have been in the way of the new roof.

I missed the sales guy for the rafters on Friday so I still need to hook up with him 1 more time before ordering the trusses. Then it will be a week or 10 days before they arrive and I'll use that time to get the lights and hoist and lumber rack off the roof on the inside.

Skylights are expensive! I want to put two of them into the new roof for some additional light and so this afternoon the BSU and I checked them out at The Home Depot. Two of them looks like it will drive my total costs up by over $400. Grr! I've also got to figure out what type of insulation I'll be installing and figuring in that cost.

And shingles! Shingles are expensive now too! The good ones are $24 per bundle and the spousal unit is encouraging me to go ahead and buy the good ones, so now I have to figure out how many bundles I will need.

It looks like this project might take a little longer than I intended as I pay for ll these improvements over a couple paydays. But I'm going to have a much nicer shop when its all done!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So what's happening with me?

Well, it's summertime here and I’m spending as many hours outside as I possibly can. Which means when I am sitting down that I’m too tired to have coherent thoughts, never mind coherent things to write. And I haven’t picked up my new Apple iPhone yet so there’s no real blogging from the job either.


The boy has come and visited and returned to Colorado to seek further fame & fortune. He interviewed for a job in Craig, Colorado yesterday in a small dealership but hasn’t accepted the offer just yet as Craig is apparently a pretty small outpost town that is presently bursting at the seams with oil & gas roughnecks occupying every available living space. But he seemed to have a pretty good visit to Utah and was able to see most of his friends, just like he intended.


Raptors baseball has entered its final weeks of the season and the BSU & I made it to two games in the past week. The Raptors are currently leading their division for the 2nd half of the season, even winning 8 games in a row. Sadly that winning streak ended Monday night and last night’s game turned into a blowout for the Helena Brewers. They beat the Raptors 9-4 last night. I’m afraid that our team might have burned up all their energy winning those 8 in a row and left them a bit empty afterwards. We’ll see as the season winds down.


I’ve found a fishing spot at Willard Bay Reservoir that I like, just next to the south boat launch. It's easy to get to, has incoming water and a moderately deep channel and a decent place to sit. I’ve been there twice and am batting .500 for catching fish [boy, that’s a mixed metaphor] so I’ll keep going out there as time allows. I tried to take the BSU there last night but she elected to see the Raptors play over trying to coax fish onto a hook. Tonight I’m headed out to the same reservoir but this time with a buddy in his boat so we can try a bit of trolling for Wipers.


The re-roof job on my workshop is progressing nicely. I have an estimate for the new trusses for my raised roof and I hope to be ordering them in the next day or two. I’ve removed all the old felt that I put on top of the shingles a couple years back and about ¼ of the shingles. I’ll finish that task while waiting on the trusses to arrive and try to save as much of the plywood as I can for reuse on the new roof. I’m pretty certain that I’ll be installing a couple new skylights to let in some sun as part of the improvements and insulation to the inside of the roof to help keep the temperatures temperate. I’ll be adding rain gutters to the back side of the roof to move the water away and keep it from intruding over the floor when the rains come. I’m pretty excited about the entire project and am looking forward to a roomier, warmer-in-the-winter shop. Did I mention that I intend to install a permanent propane fired heater in my new headroom? That’s the plan!


So I’m plenty busy. It's all good though and my yard is even looking better than it has most of the year. I guess if I spend enough time moving the sprinklers around and operating them that the grass will stay green. Imagine that!